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toolshell - “cloud tools togo “

Docker Image build and push

Images can be downloaded here.

The Motivation

Much too often, we are scrambling to find the tools we are so used when we are troubleshooting some issues on a new environment. Having access to all the common Tools in a easily deployable format is highly desirable.

This is an attempt at packaging the tools. As a first iteration, we are providing a docker image which will hopefully be useful to start.


Some of the inspiration to do this was from the amazing folks who developed [code-server]() and []() who created a docker image for the same. The base image for this comes from there as well. 

Usage with docker

docker run --rm -dit --name toolshell  -p 8443:8443 -p 8080:80

Open the nginx site on http://localhost:8080

Open the Visual studio Code on port 8443 - http://localhost:8443

Once you are in the VS-code, you can always open the integrated terminal and use all the commands / tools that are included there.

The Tools included

  1. The Default shell is zsh installed with ‘oh-my-zsh. The prompt enabled is steeef and the plugins installed are git kubectl zsh-autosuggestions zsh-kubectl-prompt

  2. code-server The image will have a running vs-code accessible via the browser on port 8443

  3. nginx webserver running on port 80 The intention is to provide a landing page for all the tools and information.

  4. Kubernetes core tools
    • kubectl
    • helm
  5. The Carvel tools
    • ytt
    • kbld
    • kapp
    • kwt
    • imgpkg
  6. Parse / translate tools
    • yq
    • jq
  7. Buildpacks related tools
    • pack ( cli)
    • kp ( kpack cli used for Tanzu build service as well)
  8. docker

  9. helm

  10. tmc (Tanzu mission control Cli)

  11. tac ( Tanzu Applicaiton Catalog Cli)

  12. valero ( k8s backup and restore )